Summer Truffles strangozzi


The Strangozzi with Summer Truffles is a typical Italian pasta dried up to 50 hours, completed with small pieces of dehydrated freshly picked summer truffle. Excellent when combined with summer truffle sauce, or any summer truffle based product.


Summer Truffles strangozzi description

Strangozzi, also known as stringozzi or strozzapreti are typical from Umbria and, particularly, from Spoleto. Strangozzi is a long pasta type with a square or rectangular section, suitable for a wide variety of sauces and preparations and often used to prepare pasta dishes with truffles.

The Black Summer Truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt) has a pleasant perfume, with hints of porcini mushroom and hazelnut. Its taste is balanced and is resistant to cooking, which does not damage it and can even enhance its organoleptic properties.

The Summer Truffles strangozzi come already seasoned with pieces of summer truffle, which makes them tasty and fragrant. Keep a package of strangozzi always at hand for a quick and tasty dish to enjoy with the family or in case of unexpected guests!

The high quality of the product and the simple elegance of the packaging make the Summer Truffles Strangozzi an original and refined gift idea.

Instructions for use

The Strangozzi with Summer Truffles can be seasoned in many ways:

  • simply with melted butter
  • with our Delicacy with Butter and Summer Truffle and maybe enhanced further with some slices of Dehydrated Slices of Summer Truffle.
  • with our truffle sauce
  • with a truffle sauce, maybe also including anchovies, garlic and pepper, or for those sweet of tooth, with mascarpone.

How to use it

Each pack allows about 2/3 servings.


Flour, eggs (max 25%), summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.) 1%.

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