Enjoy a Truffle tour in Italy

Let's explore together the world of truffles
Book now your Truffle Experience: a full immersion in nature and the world of truffles: from the truffle hunt to its tasting, passing through a detailed explanation of its characteristics. Our Truffle Experience is an opportunity to have fun in the woods with our faithful four-legged friends (the truffle dogs) and learn more about this precious mushroom.

Find out how your Truffle Experience will take place!

The truffle hunt

The truffle hunt lasts about 1/1.5 hours. In order to have a comfortable visit to the truffle grounds, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes and long trousers. The meeting point is at our shop in via Chiesa Tonda to Pigge di Trevi (Perugia), from which we will walk to one of our truffle grounds, where we will search for truffles accompanied by the friendly Gina, a specially trained, truffle-hunting Pointer. Thanks to her good sense of smell, she will look for and spot the best truffles.
After Gina has identified the truffles, our staff (the truffle diggers) will extract them, showing you how a truffle hunter works.

Truffle tasting

After the visit to the truffle grounds, we will head back to our store where you can sample many truffle-based dishes accompanied at all times by our staff, who will explain the features and fun facts about truffles and the search for them.
You can, of course, use the opportunity to buy fresh truffles, preserved truffles and truffle-based specialities from our store.

Information, Prices and Reservations

The price of enjoying the Truffle Experience with an english translator is of 80 € for 2 persons. If you are more people, the prices are:

  • 3/5 people, 30€ per person + vat
  • 6/10 people, 23€ per person + vat
  • 11/20 people, 18€ per person + vat
  • 21/30 people, 14€ per person + vat
  • 31/50 people: 13€ per person + vat
  • for more than 50 people: 12€ per person + vat

Children under 10 participate for free. It’s always possible to reserve a lunch in one of our favourite restaurants and enjoy a “Truffle Menu”.

For reservations, please call us at +39 743 520863 or send us an email to info@fortunatiantonio.it indicating name, email address, phone number and number of people. Alternatively, fill out the form below and we will contact you ASAP!

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