Summer Truffle Butter


Our Summer Truffle Butter is the perfect condiment for appetisers, crostini and stuffings. If you’re a pasta lover, you definitely have to try it on your recipes. The summer truffle butter is extremely easy to use and it freezes beautifully!


Summer Truffle Butter description

The Black Summer Truffle, also known as scorzone for its warty rind, is characterised by an aromatic scent: with slight hints of hazelnut and porcini mushrooms and a pleasant and balanced flavour.

The Summer Truffle is much appreciated in the kitchen and embellishes this superb butter cream, free of preservatives and colorants.

Selecting the best truffles we, at Tartufi e Funghi Fortunati Antonio guarantee our customers high-quality products, collected, selected and prepared by us.

Instructions for use

  • To guarantee the best experience, we suggest you warm up the product for a few minutes in a pan or serve raw in curls on plates ready to be served.
  • It is also great as a seasoning for all kinds of pasta dishes or risottos or accompanying fondues and pates. The Delicacy with Butter and Summer Truffle is also excellent served on toast, crostini, bruschetta or to add flavour to egg and meat dishes.
  • An idea for a tasty dish: cook the Strangozzi with Summer Truffles, season them with the Delicacy with Butter and Summer Truffle and then add a few slices of our Dehydrated Summer Truffle in Slices.
  • We recommend 10-15 grams per person.


Butter cream, Summer Truffles (Tuber aestivum Vitt) 5%, spices.

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