Dehydrated Black Summer Truffle Slices


The Dehydrated Black Summer Truffle Slices is a gourmet product, able to maintain the taste and smell of the fresh truffles. Through a process of drying, the truffle retains all the properties of fresh truffles and it’s perfect for delicious sauces, on eggs, meat, bruschette, croutons.

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Dehydrated Black Summer Truffle Slices description

The Summer Truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) is also known as “scorzone” because of its rough and warty scorza (rind in Italian). It is a much-appreciated truffle for its delicate aroma and flavour, with hints of porcini mushroom and hazelnut. The “scorzone” tolerates the cooking process well: cooking does not undermine but rather strengthen its properties.

Its balanced flavour and lower cost compared to that of the Norcia truffle make it perfect for use in the kitchen every day, both for cold and hot dishes.

The Summer Truffle is harvested from May to August (hence the name “Summer Truffle”) but, thanks to the dehydration process, it can be consumed all year round. Using a quick drying process, which preserves the organoleptic properties of the truffle, a high-quality product is obtained, respecting the ancient Umbrian tradition.

The Dehydrated Summer Truffles in Slices can be used to prepare bruschette, pizzas, pasta dishes, risottos, stuffing and meat and vegetable dishes.

Selecting the best truffles we, at Tartufi e Funghi Fortunati Antonio guarantee our customers high-quality products, collected, selected and prepared by us.

Instructions for use

  • The Summer Truffle goes particularly well with dishes including olive oil, butter or cheese.
  • Place in warm water 15 minutes before use. Once hydrated, the truffle recovers its original weight of approximately 12/15 gr.
  • We recommend the 3 gr. jar for 1/2 people.


Dehydrated Summer truffles in slices (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) 100%, spices.

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