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Porcini Mushrooms Strangozzi + Porcini Mushrooms Cream

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Porcini Mushroom strangozzi

The Porcini Mushroom strangozzi is an Umbrian specialty made with selected Italian wheat and flavoured with dehydrated porcini mushrooms. Try our porcini mushroom strangozzi combined with porcini mushrooms cream, or any mushroom-based cream, or serve adding only oil or butter.


Porcini Mushrooms Cream

The Porcini Mushrooms Cream with Porcini Mushrooms is an excellent product that enhances the fragrance of porcini mushrooms and its unique and delicate flavour. Perfect for apetizers such as garlic bread, croutons, omelettes. You can use it as filling of original lasagna and ravioli, in creamy risottos and tasty pasta dishes.



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