Fresh White Truffle

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Our Fresh white Truffle is an example of the great product: its outstanding flavours and delicious aromas made this product one of the most appreciated all around the world. To preserve its unmistakable fragrance, don’t cook it but simply slice them thinly and use them to finish off a preparation.

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Fresh White Truffle description

Fresh White Truffles can be collected from mid-September until the end of January. Their aroma and their rarity make them the most valuable truffles, so much so, that their scientific name Tuber magnatum Pico, reflects the fact that they were considered a food reserved for “tycoons”, i.e.: for rich gentlemen. In 2015, the poor harvest caused the price of fresh white truffles to rise to over 3000 € per kilo. Thus, both for purchases online and in stores, it is important to carefully select the producer!

Appearance and size

The White Truffles available for sale can weigh between 8 and 20 grams. They present a rounded appearance and many bumps and depressions on the rind, making them velvety to the touch. The colour of the truffle you will receive may vary from pale ochre to dark ivory with greenish nuances. The inside (gleba) is yellowish with thin white veins: colours typical of the best white truffles.

Origin of the fresh white truffles for sale

Our Fresh White Truffle is not cultivated in a truffle farm. An excellent product collected in the  best producing regions. They are white truffles collected in oak, linden, poplar and willow forests, known for their soft and moist soil, rich in nutrients like calcium and mineral salts.

Cooking fresh white truffles: our tips

  • Considered a connoisseur’s delicacy, the fresh white truffle gives fragrance, aroma and prestige to a wide variety of dishes. The scent of the White Truffle is unmistakable and intense, slightly cheesy, with traces of the smell of the earth and the barks of shrubs with which it lives in symbiosis. The taste is strong and slightly spicy and can emulate that of aged cheese. The aroma is so intense, that you don’t need large amounts of White Truffles to embellish a dish, just 10-15 grams per person.
  • Its strong personality makes it perfect to give flavour and character to delicately flavoured dishes such as tagliatelle with butter and white truffles or fresh meat carpaccio. It is also popular with eggs and butter or cheese dishes, like fondue.
  • You should consume Fresh White Truffles raw, cut in thin slices with a special truffle slicer or on a steaming plate, since the moderate heat does not modify the aroma. The slices should not be mixed with the other ingredients but placed on top of the dish, in order to enhance their aesthetic appearance and value.

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